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From food and wine to body care, from outdoors to recreational activities
and sports, from the landscape to the cultural and artistic heritage.

The different aspects of well-being, in an area a human scale!


Nizza Monferrato - Canelli - Santo Stefano

The Monferrato is a land rich in history and architectural beauty: in each country are majestic castles, towers and ancient churches. His fame, however, comes mainly from the charm of the hills, which in autumn are colored red. The Monferrato is home to DOC wines such as Barbera, Nebbiolo and Barolo. These bottles are famous all over the world, are appreciated everywhere for the color, flavor and body. These wines go perfectly with the fine cuisine of Piedmont. These are dishes that, while being prepared with "poor", have the palate of delicious flavors suprise! There are many examples: the "Bagnet", a tasty green sauce to accompany boiled, the "Bagna Cauda" delicious cream made ​​of oil, garlic and anchovies; agnolotti, born as a main dish of the "day of the feast "and the fried mixed Piedmont. The undisputed king of the table remains, however, the truffles, which are dedicated numerous festivals.



The birthplace of Vittorio Alfieri is known throughout the world for its wines, in particular Asti Spumante. Every year in September, we held one of Italy's most important wine competitions, called the Douja d'Or. It 'also famous Palio its history, one of the oldest events in Italy, which takes place in the main square and culminates with a horse race mounted "sleeping". In recent years it has taken a great importance also the Festival of Festivals Astigiane, where over 40 per site in the province of Asti present their specialties, accompanied by wines DOCG, in a large open-air restaurant, a place now of thousands of people from from all over Italy.



Only to pronounce the name, already you feel in the air the scent of his most delicious delicacy: the white truffle from Alba alloy which has always been its reputation.
From mid-October until the end of November there is the famous festival, where you can find thousands of truffles arranged on stalls run by trifolau in person. A lustratina eyes is ensured by unique specimens in size and weight ... that smell!


Acqui Terme - Alessandria

It is known for its thermal waters chloride-sodium, with high radioactivity, which flow at a temperature of 45-75 ° C to give life to an 'active spa industry. Mechanical industries, cotton, food, etc..

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